Tips To Win At Cricket Betting


How to bet on cricket: Betting on cricket is all about luck, and skill, and one must know how the betting system works on the whole. Wickets are like women – you never know whose side they turn! You must study the weather conditions and the pitch report and a lot of other associated factors to properly bet on this game. The following presentation outlines a few tips to win at cricket betting.

1) Gain expert-level knowledge on cricket and cricket betting: The only way to succeed in cricket betting is to gain as much knowledge as possible on the intricacies of the game. Thereby you can form strategies and apply them in cricket betting sites in India which will help you win.

For achieving this you need to:

  • learn the various formats of cricket
  • study the various bet types used in this game
  • understand the different odds and learn how to calculate them
  • look for the best of the odds that are available in the market
  • Lastly do some research on the net to understand the betting tips that help you win?

2) Study the ratings, rankings, and performance: Always make it a habit to study the rankings, performance, and ratings of each of the participating teams. The previous track record of the team will help you gain an insight into the present form of the team. If there is a team with too many older players then they are bound to lose and come down in rankings, like Chennai Super Kings.

3) Check the weather: The weather plays a crucial role in games like cricket. If it happens to rain the pitch gets soaked and so the match gets cancelled. Then there is always a probability of a draw. If the pitch is wet then the ball loses pace and also the spinners cannot spin the ball like they do when the pitch is dry. So the team playing 2nd innings will be at a great disadvantage because they cannot score.

4) Do not wager more than you can afford: Try and stick to a budget. It does not matter when you win or lose, people want to wager more. This can cause serious repercussions like addictions to gambling that can devastate your life. Gambling and winning money from it is acceptable as there are no laws that punish people who are into gambling.

5) Study the ground: Every ground has a history. Study the history of the ground, how many matches were won or lost, and how they were won. Is the ground big enough or small which will favor the batsmen. Most of the grounds in India favor the batsmen. This will ultimately help you in betting successfully.

6) Know the players, conditions, skills, and the preferred formats: to know more about cricket betting one has to study the players in and out. This is crucial in cricket betting. Ultimately it is the players who decide the tournament’s fate. After a thorough study of the players like his previous games and form, then separate the top players from the rest. Repeat this procedure for all the teams after which you can easily place a bet.

7) Pre Game research: all of the above points come under the purview of pre-game research. Last but not least there is another important point to be considered. It is how to win sessions in cricket betting. This includes:

-> Looking at the squad, including the players and the substitutes.

-> See if they have been injured in the past or the recent past.

-> Check out if any players have been replaced in the squad or are missing from the match.

-> Find out if anyone had any kind of inconvenience in the team that they played for. This will help you in placing cricket bets successfully for a given match.

Concluding thoughts: To summarize the above points, do not bet with your heart but be wise and bet with your head. You might be tempted to wager, so invest not more than two percent of your bankroll and stick to this limit no matter what. For your information, Betacular is the best betting site for cricket betting. This is completely licensed and regulated, so you can totally rely on this site for your wagering requirements.
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