Friends Who Are in Twin-Flame Relationships Can Give Poor Advice


Anyone who has met their twin flame knows that those who have not felt this particular connection are typically unaware of its significance or the unique difficulties the partners deal with. Although they claim to be there for us, our buddies actually work against us. Though presumably well-intentioned, their advice is frequently erroneous and, to be blunt, incorrect. People who are not empathic, intuitive, or spiritually aware or who have never had a relationship of this caliber have no concept of how these partnerships differ from the “ordinary.”

The Closest Analogy I Can Think of to Assist in Explaining This to Someone Who  

  • Hasn’t experienced it
  • Not being able to sense it energetically through intuition or empathy isn’t perfect, but it’s the best I can do at this point.

Remember how your child would jump onto your lap and want to be with you—to cuddle, kiss, and play with your hair. Twenty times a day, that wonderful person told you they loved you! That youngster wished for you to attend every basketball, baseball, soccer, and school occasion. Their love for you was evident to everyone, and you returned the favor. The day people start to despise you. Usually, it happens soon after they stop taking a shower.

The Parent Who Was Once a Reliable Source of Knowledge Is Now Ignorant

When a teen reaches this stage, they may either yell at you or stop talking to you altogether. The expression of embarrassment is my fave. Instead of yelling at you, they slump their shoulders, droop their head, and shake it back and forth, letting you KNOW how pitiful you are.

Yet you cherish them. You know them. Therefore you may love them. Whether or not you gave birth to them, you have watched them develop and have a fundamental understanding of who they are. Because you’ve known them since the beginning, you are the best person to understand them. They are your lovely child, warts and all, and you love them sincerely and honestly because you know the “true” them and realize they twin flame love.

Love for You During This Time

Occasionally, they won’t express their love for you during this time. They would choke on that. They do, however, love you. They have always had a strong bond. When he was at his worst, I told my middle son, “I will always love you, but I don’t like you at ALL right now!”

When your child behaves in such a reprehensible way, you, the person who is not acting out, may need to make a choice. A similar phenomenon occurs in twin-flame couples when the “awake twin” finds the “running twin’s” behavior intolerable. There is a certain sense of comfort once the waking Twin is confident that this is a “cycle,” When the runner departs, they are never truly gone and will always return. There is now confidence where there may have previously been uncertainty, anxiety, or worry that you wouldn’t see them again after the first few cycles.

You will be sure of the foundation upon which your tie is formed and that it cannot be broken once the cycle has been repeated. Similar to how your child is.

What I think happens most frequently is that the “awake” Twin grows weary of the situation. Similar to how it takes a lot of energy to keep the family together when one member (the disgusting, angry teenager), something needs to change. You might choose to set a boundary and inform the adolescent twin flame love that, despite your undying love for them, their behavior is unacceptable.

There is no one right solution because every family and relationship is different; the best course of action will depend on your particular circumstances.


Those familiar with their Twin will notice that the behavioral decisions are primarily motivated by dread. Fear of trying something and failing, fear and perplexity at how intense what they are going through with you is, etc. Even though the “awake” Twin finds it absurd, the basis of the negative behavior is fundamental, and the Twin feels it intensely. Fear is a topic for another day. While the Twin-Flame relationship cannot be broken, behavior is a decision that can be altered.

Would your friends tell you “he/she is seeing another mother” if the person you love most dearly is your child, who you know in your soul is the most magnificent human being? Do they say? “Why do you care about her/him? Forget about them; they aren’t worth it. Find someone else“.

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