World coronaviruses (WCVs) are exceptionally pathogenic infections that can cause serious respiratory ailment in people

Mostafijur Rahaman

. Their global impact is threatening both human health and ecosystem health. They contaminate water supplies, biological systems and other vital resources with high infectious particles. These impacts are difficult to track. Origins The origins of worldcoronaviras remain a mystery, and scientists aren’t sure how the virus began to sicken […]

Countries’ Perfume Luxury Expenditures


The United Nations produced a list of Western countries’ priority spending, which revealed a skewed idea of consumerism in deciding what to spend the most on. The overall expenditures on perfumes by citizens in European countries and the United States totalled 12 billion dollars. This expenditure is greater than the […]

How to Interpret Astrology Predictions


Many people focus on crystal gazing predictions. Whether it is western, Chinese, Vedic, or some other branch, crystal gazing is a critical piece of many peoples’ lives. As a specialist in Chinese soothsaying, I attempted to analyze how people respond to specific predictions (positive or negative). I might want to […]