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If you think about weddings, you would realise that these are boring events, but it is the people who can make them amazing events. There is a great difference between a well managed wedding, and a mismanaged one. One thing which is generally overlooked while planning about a wedding is the invitation. How would you expect people to know about your wedding, and attend it safely on time when you are not interested in planning the invitations in time?

Thanks to the new innovations today, there are several ways to make wedding invitations even more exciting. Now by using various technologies, one can save the date wedding card of his choice and imagination. Earlier we were bound to have a simple wedding card, printed on cardboard with some flowers. It was all one could get on a wedding card.

Fortunately today, you can even get the wedding save the date magnets.

In this article, we intend to share with you some of the best wedding save the dates ideas. So if your wedding is approaching, or any of your close friends or family members are getting married, then you may be able to suggest some wedding card ideas. So let us get started.

A beautiful engagement photo

Those who wish their far off relatives, and friends see their partner and that too in a wonderful picture. Then they must think about having an engagement picture or a couple photo on the wedding card.

It is is indeed an old idea, but there is a lot of room of creativity in it. For instance, you can have a collage of your photos, add some more pictures of your guardians. Such cards will give a feeling that you are actually there to invite your acquaintances to your wedding.

Those who do not have some engagement pictures, may plan a photoshoot, and call out a pre-wedding event. Select a theme, ask a good photographer, and get the template picture for your wedding card.


Save the date magnets are a new thing, and not many people are aware with them. Those who are old, and are likely to forget the wedding dat should be given the save the date magnets. These magnets can stay stuck to their fridges or side tables.

Additionally, couples who wish to do something creative, and out fo the box for their wedding invitations can also consider it as an innovative idea.

As far as the price is concerned, so obviously magnets do not come cheap. You should have a good amount of money to splurge on the magnets save the dates for your wedding.

The royal cards

Whenever we think about royalty two colours come to our mind. The first one is the off-white,and the second would be glittery gold. So if you are thinking of something royal, then it would be great to go for the golden colour, with a white background.

You can select a few designs from the internet, or make one, it is not necessary to have a floral design, it can be anything you like. For instance, the wedding bells can also serve the purpose.

The modern and detailed card

If you are willing to make a folder like a wedding card, then you should try making a large wedding card. In such wedding cards you will need two to three pages. The first thing to do is to select a theme. Then the background of each page would be the same. Do not be a fool, while choosing the font. It should not be too big, because in a detailed card you will need to mention several things. Such cards would be efficient for the destination weddings, where you will need to mention several details about the venue.

The transparent plates

If you want something contemporary then the transparent plates with your names, and details written on it would be a great choice. These are also expensive wedding invitations, and we would suggest you to give these only to the ones who are very close to you, or to the special guests. One more thing about these wedding invitations is the method to keep them intact and safe. You cannot put them wherever you want.
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