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Numerous changes have been brought about by technological advancement and digitalization in the e-learning sector. It has altered how educators work online, how they provide seminars and webinars, and many other things.

Modern course developers use digital tools to improve their instruction and make online learning simpler and more engaging for their students in the long run with the goal of selling courses online.

People all over the world use PDFs extensively, making them the most trusted and frequently seen of the many digital tools employed by successful creators.

For course creators looking to easily sell their courses online and spice up their online instruction, this tool has proven to be very helpful.

Continue reading to learn about the top 8 PDF editing programs. Take a look and decide which programme best meets your needs as a student.

The PDF element

You can complete all the necessary editing for online course sales with PDFelement, one of the best PDF editors available. Advanced PDF editing features are also available in the software, enabling you to combine multiple PDF files into one, crop, rotate, flip, and add backgrounds to PDF pages.

You may also compile instructional resources from students throughout the world because the app supports nine different languages. The most user-friendly programme on our list of the top 8 PDF editing apps is PDFelement, which is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Check the pdf merge for free! 

The small pdf

Smallpdf is an easy-to-use PDF editor that provides a number of capabilities, including the ability to split PDF files into distinct individual pages, add annotations, combine numerous documents into a single PDF, and provide passcode security.

Membership is available for both free and money. We advise purchasing the commercial edition of the software if you routinely utilize PDF as supplemental learning content for your online courses to enjoy greater flexibility.

An online PDF reader

Our second recommendation for the best PDF editor in 2022 is PDF Buddy, an online PDF editor with a tonne of capabilities, such as the capacity to add text, images, and shapes to PDF files.

With the editor tool, which is available without charge, you can create forms, fill them out, electronically sign documents, and more. However, a PRO edition with unlimited PDFs and 25GB of storage is offered for $7.99/month.

Office for Microsoft

Would you like to know how Microsoft Office made it on our list of the 8 best PDF editors?

That’s because, despite the software’s inability to edit PDF files directly, you can still convert your PDFs into Word files, make changes, and then save the new versions of the files back to your computer as PDFs.

Our recommendation of this software is mostly based on its adaptability. With Microsoft Office, you can edit anything, including simple word documents, Google Sheets, Outlook, and PowerPoint presentations.

The Microsoft Office suite includes a variety of features that are available for use by anyone and are appropriate for both personal and professional as well as educational purposes.

You can anticipate receiving regular software updates after purchasing their subscription in order to install the most recent version of the software on your device.

Because the software also functions through a web browser, you don’t need to save files after every edit. All changes made to the software are instantly saved and can be shared when the “Share” button is clicked in the top right corner.

It’s Sejda!

Sejda is an additional top-notch PDF editor with all the features you could need. including format conversion, fillable forms, password security, and text-to-text editing of photos. Even though this software’s user interface occasionally seems a little perplexing, you shouldn’t let that stop you from getting to know it.

The PDF escaper

With the free PDF editor PDFescape, you may view, modify, fill out forms, change the color of the text, and more. Both web browsers and desktop apps can access the software.

However, the desktop version allows you more control over the PDFs you’ll be editing and has more features. Subscribers to PDFescape can choose between free, premium, or ultimate plans.

However, the fact that this PDF tool is incredibly adaptable and can be customised to meet your unique demands is what led us to recommend it as the finest PDF software to use in 2022. We advise you to be more aware of your needs so you can assess whether this programme is appropriate for you.

Editor for PDF-XChange

In your online course, you can convert documents into international ISO-standard PDF documents with PDF-XChange editor software.

The PDF-XChange editor is accessible and free to download on Windows, and it offers intuitive capabilities to match your needs for online instruction.

This editor allows you to add hyperlinks, annotations, comments, annotations, URLs, shapes, and more to PDF files. In addition to the free version, the software is also available in a paid version.

The PDF Lover

The last suggestion on our list is iLovePDF. Owners of online courses should consider using the user-friendly and cost-effective PDF editor iLovePDF to create and enhance the effectiveness of their course materials.

The programme allows users to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even JPG files to PDF. The application also allows you to merge pages, sort, split, convert, and more, as well as lower the size of your PDF. Additionally, they offer tools for adding watermarks and e-signatures.

Many course designers on Graphy use iLovePDF for merging, modifying, editing, and compressing PDFs.

iLovePDF offers a wide variety of capabilities for high productivity for Windows and Mac users, all backed by high security safeguards and environmentally responsible methods.

In conclusion

The advantages of using PDF in an online classroom are numerous. It appears to be a fantastic tool for organizing your work more effectively and making learning for your pupils more fascinating and engaging.

To become a successful online course maker using technology to communicate with students, you must reduce paperwork and establish an entirely online learning environment.

Graphy’s superb all-in-one solution also allows you to sell online courses with rich multimedia capabilities and submit your PDFs as learning resources.

For those who want to build an online course from scratch, Graphy offers an all-inclusive solution with a wide range of capabilities.

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