Advice for Making Real Thai Food



In Thailand, a well-known proverb says, “In a river, there is fish. In the field, there is rice.” This poem is called “Nai Nam Mee Pla Nai Na Mee Khao.” The general advice in this article will be followed by detailed advice for each food group.


The most crucial component of authentic Thai cuisine is the ingredients. Finding fresh Thai ingredients is simple if you reside in Thailand or Southeast Asia. However, if you reside somewhere else, locating fresh ingredients may be challenging or problematic, particularly for people who do not reside in a metropolis. Therefore, when preparing Thai food, spend some time understanding the ingredients first. Then locate the neighborhood Asian supermarket. You can call them to find out if they have the ingredients you’re looking for. For instance, not all Asian grocery stores have “Winter Melon,” which you might be shopping for.


Most Thai foods are prepared in a wok or pot except for desserts. While using a bronze wok for desserts is not necessary, it is advised (Ka Ta Tong Leung). An additional standard piece of equipment is a mortar and pestle.


One of the secrets to making authentic Thai food is preparation on westwood restaurant. As was already said, the main components and methods of preparation in Thai cuisine. Authentic Thai food requires careful preparation in particular. Preparing the ingredients may take longer than the actual cooking process. For instance, you could prepare all the components for Tom Kha Gai in about 30 minutes, but you only need to cook it for 15 minutes. Four to five communal dishes are served at a typical Thai supper.

Making Food to Your Taste

The harmonious blending of numerous components has been emphasized in the art of Thai cuisine, especially given that the individual ingredients can vary depending on their freshness and other factors. As a result, the dish’s flavor and harmony are lacking. Thai cuisine has five distinct flavors: sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and bitter. When making Thai food, one might follow a recipe but adjust it to their tastes.

Coca-Cola Milk

Coconut milk and Thai cuisine go together virtually without fail. Many recipes call for Hua Ka Ti and Hang Ka Ti, often first-pressed coconut milk.

Cooked rice

Making good fried rice is not difficult. Steamed rice is the most crucial component. Although it should be cooked, the rice shouldn’t be mushy or squishy. When stir-fried rice is soft and mushy, everything will stick together. Good fried rice should be crumbleable and have whole grains.


Thai curries can be divided into two categories: coconut-based and non-coconut-based. The opening steps for most coconut milk recipes involve separating the coconut oil and combining curry paste with coconut milk. The first two steps are crucial to creating the best curry dishes in Westwood restaurants.


The majority of stir-fried foods, mainly stir-fried veggies, cook quickly. Heat is the main element in the majority of stir-fried foods. The wok or pan must be heated uniformly throughout. The majority of recipes call for preheating vegetable oil. Make sure the oil is heated and evenly distributed throughout the wok or pan in this phase, up the sides. Some recipes call for adding water to prevent food from burning when the skillet or wok becomes dry after adding meat and veggies. Make sure the vegetables are not overdone.


Making Thai desserts is not too difficult. Perhaps some are simpler than others. Some take longer and call for greater tolerance. Using alternatives while making many Thai desserts is not advisable because they call for the same ingredients. For instance, other flour substitutes typically don’t work well if Khanom Ta Go requests mung bean flour. Sticky rice flour is required for Khanom Bua Loy; multipurpose flour, tapioca flour, or other types of flour are not acceptable substitutes. One can utilize a variety of potatoes in some desserts, such as potatoes in ginger syrup. Taro, potatoes, and pumpkin can all be found in Khanom Kaeng Buat. Read the directions thoroughly before beginning to prepare Thai desserts.

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