How to Complete Your Cosmetology Continuing Education


Continuing education is a critical step for maintaining your cosmetology licensure and staying abreast with the latest trends and techniques. In this guide, you’ll discover various accredited programs that satisfy state requirements while enriching your professional skill set. Are you ready to elevate your expertise and reignite your passion for […]

How to Recruit in Competitive Job Markets

James William

Amidst tech layoffs and fears surrounding artificial job displacement, the world is in a talent shortage. That may sound like an oxymoron, but a rather extensive report by Korn Ferry claims that as many as 85 million jobs may go unfilled by 2030 as a result of a global talent […]

What Is A Systemic Approach to Organisational Change?

James William

Organisational change is like a river flowing through a landscape—dynamic, interconnected, and constantly evolving. Imagine your favourite storybook village, where each house, tree, and person plays a unique role in the tale. Similarly, every aspect of an organisation—from its people to its processes—interacts to create a complex system. To navigate […]